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CS Mitchell Ltd has held a Recognised ISO9001 certificate for a number of years, during these years the processes and procedures that ensure the quality of CS Mitchell’s service to their client has been refined, tweaked and altered to ensure the quality of the product or service CSM provide. The process and progress of the Quality Management system has taken place with the Aid of continuous professional development from the Directors of the Company, Core staff members and, in Recent Years, External Advisors.


​Recently CSM has moved even further in its Development and has gained both ISO14001: 2015 and OHSAS18001:2007. CSM, with the aid of external advisor and its core management team, will be converting their OHSAS 18001 to ISO45001. CSM shall make the alterations as the standard requires ensuring their continued compliance to the standard.

Highway Electrical Registration Scheme

The HEA was born out of necessity to ensure the competence and skill of persons and companies working on UK roads.

The NHSS8 (National Highways Sector Scheme) are bespoke quality management systems for organisations working on the UK road Network, specifically NHSS8 is for the Overseeing and / or Installation and / or Maintenance of Highway Electrical Equipment and Supporting works. It was deemed that there must be robust training and competency assessments of these workers.

The competency of organisations and their employees working in the highway electrical industry has a direct bearing on the health and safety of people working in the industry. The highway electrical sector has embraced the need to address their H&S record and under the leadership of the Highways Agency has established National Highway Sector Scheme 8 (NHSS 8). National Highway Sector Schemes are integrated management systems that have been developed, as a partnership, by all sides of the highway industry to interpret ISO 9001 as it applies to a particular highway activity. There is a strong element of Health, Safety and the creation, assessment, monitoring and review of competence in those schemes that cover service provision.

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